Things To Wear



For decades leather has been the standard material to wear when riding on motorbikes. However, recently armour has gained popularity. Leather outfits can have armour sections which protect the back, knees, shoulders, hips and elbows. These are usually made from polymer, titanium and carbon fibre.

The function of this armour is to absorb the energy from high velocity crashes. It spreads the impact and in doing so reduces the potential injury caused. This will mean that a modern rider could survive crashes that a few years before would have been devastating.

Innovative Design

High density foam is also a common component in motorcycle armour. It maximises the level of shock absorption during a crash. The foam is also very durable and lightweight, allowing the rider to be more comfortable when wearing it.

Innovative design is an emerging part of newer armour. Some models even have airbag systems in place. These deploy when a crash occurs. They inflate and minimise the potential damage caused to the torso, back and neck of the rider.

In Europe motorcycle armour is required to have a special certification mark. This is to prove that the clothing conforms to modern safety standards. It is crucial that a biker makes sure that their armour has this certification as it guarantees its effectiveness in the event of a crash.

The main downside to armour is that it is much more expensive than a regular motorcycle outfit. They can often cost thousands of pounds. Some riders may feel that they are simply not worth the money. However, their high price is for good reason. Armour is an extremely effective way of surviving high impact crashes.