Security Accessories



What Are They?

Security chains are the traditional way to keep a bike safe. They are heavy duty items, especially when compared to more modern products like disc locks. This means they are not very portable.

Chains are more convenient when used in a home garage. If thieves manage to get to the bike they will have great difficulty cutting through the chain links. This makes them very effective to deterring theft. They have been used for decades and have proven to be an ideal accessory for bike owners.


These products normally come wrapped in a protective material. It covers the chain in order to keep it from rusting. It also adds another layer for would-be thieves to get through. If an owner wants to lubricate the metal then they will have to remove this material.

A chain will usually be locked with a key. Spares often come with it in case the master key is misplaced. Other chains will require a code to be entered in order to unlock it. Which one to pick will depend on an individual’s preference. Those who have difficulty remembering codes will be better off with a key locking chain.