Security Accessories

Disc Locks


Security should be in the mind of every owner of a motorcycle. Theft is a common problem for people with these vehicles. There are a number of products that can help to prevent their bike from being stolen.

One of the best ones to buy is a disc lock. These are compact enough to fit into a person’s pocket. They can keep it with them while they are out riding. Then when they park they can use the item to deter thieves.

It works by sliding into one of the holes found on a wheel disc. Then it simply locks into place. They are similar to the function of clamps on cars. There are many brands to choose from. They can range in price dramatically. The less effective ones are available for less than £10. Whereas more trusted locks can exceed £100.


Some people choose to lock them onto the front wheel disc of their motorbike. However, in recent years this has proven to be a less efficient method. Thieves are still able to steal the vehicle by lifting the front wheel.

The better method of keeping the bike in place is to connect the lock onto the rear brake disc. This will make theft much more difficult to achieve. Despite this, it still does not guarantee the safety of the bike. Utilising a disc lock, in conjunction with parking the bike in a well lit and monitored area is a wise thing for all riders to do.