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Motorcycle Accessories

There are several types of motorcycle helmets, each of which serves a different purpose, and can be used for various events or needs.

1) Modular Helmets

Modular helmets have the most coverage and offer full face and head protection. The chin bar flips up, and can actually be removed if desired or needed. These helmets are best suited and typically used, by those who are into the more sporty side of motorcycling. The ability to remove the face coverage allows riders to eat, smoke, scratch, look at a map or chat with friends. One item not on the list of things that you can or should do, without the face coverage, is actually to ride. The chin bar and face coverage are great for protection and safety when riding. Contrary to what many think or believe, modular helmets are actually less safe than traditional full face helmets, because of the hinge, and the risks associated with the portion that lifts up.

2) Open-Face Helmets

If you like to cruise, or maybe you ride something like a scooter, then this open-face structure is for you. The look is very street bike, and the sleek and vintage feel attracts many casual riders and cruisers. These helmets are very safe, as they are padded and resistant to impact. This helmet does not, as the name suggests, cover the face.

3) Half Helmets

These helmets cover from your forehead to about halfway down your head. For older riders and vintage enthusiasts, this is often the helmet of choice. They are legal in some regions, and countries, and illegal in others, depending on safety standards and protocols. The ability to resist impact is questioned by some safety authorities.

4) Off-Road Helmets

When it comes to choosing motocross and dirt bike helmets, it is the off-road designs that are typically used. They are great for rougher terrain and settings, as they have full face coverage and angular chin bars. Because dirt biking and motocross can, and often does, take place in warmer conditions, these helmets are also designed to be more lightweight. They are typically designed and intended to be worn, with safety goggles or glasses.

5) Dual Sport Helmets

For a hybrid between the above mentioned off roading helmet, and the full face style, a dual sports helmet is an excellent option, as they have sun peaks and ventilation, but also are designed to be more warm and soundproof, giving you the best of both worlds.

6) Full Face helmets

These helmets are sturdy, as they cover the entire head and face without compromise. The face portion and chin bar cannot be removed on these, and they often need to be correctly fitted.