Things To Wear




Motorcycle gloves protect the hands of the rider in the event of an accident. When a crash does occur the natural reaction is to reach out to shield the more vulnerable parts of the human body. This means that the hands are often injured. Special rider gloves can minimise the damage caused.

They are made of a tough material, usually leather which helps to prevent scrapes and scratches. The main purpose of this item of clothing is to stop the skin from getting cut. However, they are not as effective when it comes to broken bones. Despite this it is still important that all riders wear them.


There are several different types of glove depending on the type of biking the rider enjoys. Racing and motocross gloves tend to be thinner in order to maximise dexterity. Ones for touring will be thicker and made for endurance/ longevity.

For biking in the winter there is a selection of insulating gloves on the market. There are even some that come with their own heating systems. These are ideal for people who will be spending a long time out in the cold.