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Enhancing Your Motorcycle Experience with the Right Helmet

Getting the right ride is one key element of biking, but it doesn’t stop there. The riding experience is also heavily reliant on the accessories you attach to it. Think of helmets, jackets, gloves, and other accessories. They not only enhance a biker’s safety but also tell a particularly unique story about them.

At the Calgary Motorcycle Show for instance, riders of all categories bring some of the best two-wheel automobiles for display. There are both new models and vintage ones; a great place to feast the eyes for any biking lover. With so much quality on offer, however, it boils down to the swagger of the biker to finally decide who has the best display.

The motorcycle accessories popularity trend is growing so fast that their market is projected to continue growing at an astonishing rate in 2019. The growth is attributed to continued innovation that creates more potent accessories which make the riding experience more enjoyable. The motorcycle helmets you will find on the market today are starkly different from those that were sold as recently as five years ago.

Tech Meets Biking

Technology has had a considerable role to play in the evolution of motorcycle gear. The smart world has come to the savvy road to make the ride much smoother. Having helmets with installed Bluetooth systems is now commonplace. The system is used for both entertainment and to improve the actual trip.

Bluetooth enabled helmets are especially handy for bikers who ride in groups. Where in the past they had to slow down or stop to pass information, they can now make communication easier without lifting a hand off the handlebar. Some Bluetooth systems are so potent that riders can use them to communicate even when they are as far as a mile apart in open terrain.

Safety and Luxury

Other tech innovations which have made their way into the biking scene include pressure sensors, cameras, and GPS systems. GPS was actually among the first entrants, as it is a natural fit for the biking experience. It helps bikers to navigate quickly, even in areas they may not be so familiar with. This makes it more of survival, rather than a luxury, accessory.

Action cameras make a ride more enjoyable, as a rider is able to freeze action without having to stop. They can also be good biking assistants as they relay information about different aspects of the particular area where the rider is. Bumps, for instance, are easily viewed on action cameras, and the rear view is better than that of a side mirror.

Pressure sensors significantly improve safety by displaying tire conditions on the dashboard. A rider is thus able to monitor tire safety even without stopping.

Whatever innovation attracts you to a bike accessory, however, always remember to evaluate its effect on safety before investing in it.