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Storing a motorbike in a garage is an ideal way to keep the vehicle safe from both thieves and the elements. However, some people simply can not afford such a luxury. In this scenario their only option is to keep their bike parked outside in the open.

Investing in a bike cover help to keep the vehicle in as safe a position as possible. The main issue with an exposed bike is the potential for theft. The cover will conceal how the bike looks and therefore prevent thieves from seeing how expensive it might be. The cover also adds an extra layer for criminals to get around. This will hopefully deter them even more.


The best covers on the market will come with a number of useful features. Ventilation is important. People tend to focus on winter and overlook the times of the year when heat can cause damage to the bike. Good ventilation will prevent the vehicle from overheating during hot summers.

Some covers will also have slots in place. These can be used to attach chains locks. This will help to keep the bike even more secure. It will mean that potential thieves will have to remove the chains from the cover in order to steal the bike. It will act as an increased deterrent.

Leaving a bike out in the open will cause harm to it over time. Eventually rain will make it wet. When this happens it is only a matter of time before a red iron oxide begins to form. This rusting can lead to permanent damage to the finish and even the function of the vehicle.

There are several ways that this can be remedied. Hardware stores supply spray on chemicals that neutralise the rusting. These allow the more stubborn spots to be easily scrubbed off. However this will require a constant and high level of maintenance. It can be obtrusively time consuming and seemingly futile. A bike cover will ensure that moisture does not get on the bike and that rusting is minimal.


Traditional covers have a fairly tight fit. They tend to be made from an elastic material that fits over the entire body of the bike. Sometimes the lower part of the wheels can be exposed however. This type of cover will not take up much space and will allow the vehicle to be stored in as compact a manner as possible.

Other covers take up more space and are similar in nature to camping tents. They give the users a breathable environment in which to work on their bike. This means that they can perform important maintenance tasks without having to worry about the weather. In a sense they provide a portable garage like shelter.