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The helmet is perhaps the most essential part of a biker’s outfit. It protects the head from potentially fatal impacts and crashes. Many lives have been saved since the helmet was first introduced. It is now a legal requirement to wear one in many countries.

Full face motorcycle helmets tend to be made from plastic. This is because the material is hard enough to absorb damage but light enough to not inhibit the rider. Newer models may also be constructed from fibreglass, carbon fibre and Kevlar.

Helmets can come with numerous other functions. Some have ventilation systems in place. This is ideal for people who are riding in hotter climates. It minimises the chances of them overheating.

The face is usually covered by a visor which allows the rider to have visibility while on the road. However, some helmets also come with a face shield. It means that the entire head is protected in the event of a crash.


Endurance bikes such as choppers tend to have loud engines. Damage to the ear of the rider can at times occur. In order to prevent this, specialist helmets exist which provide ear protection. They cancel out high decibel sounds. However, this can be dangerous as the rider is unable to hear other road noises.

Electronic systems can also be part of a helmets design. Intercoms can even be used by the rider to communicate with others. These helmets are mostly used in the racing circuit. They allow racers to inform their crew of any issues with the bike.

There is a huge variety of helmets out there. Knowing which one to purchase can be difficult. It will be dependent on the type of bike being rode, as well as the individual’s budget. Comfort will also be an important factor to consider.