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Motorcyclists Take a Break to Vape

Since motorcycle safety is foremost, manufacturers often recommend that those who ride don’t vape at the same time. Those who buy disposal vapes online hope to avoid the distraction but continue to enjoy vaping on the road. Some motorcyclists have come up with creative options for considering safety and enjoying a nicotine flavor after buying disposable vapes online from popular websites. Here are two proposals:


One innovative online poster is suggesting tubing, tape, with a fan to expel the smoke. Commenters immediately pointed out the flaw with the ingenious but dangerous set up. With a buildup of smoke in the helmet, it’ll be impossible to see the road, according to some who questioned the viability of the proposal. Therefore, it’s better to take breaks to vape while riding a motorcycle.


Another ingenious but flawed suggestion involved clipping the vape cartridge to the helmet. The poster provided his own reason for why such a set up was dangerous by noting that I crash could result in unintended consequences. For safety reasons, motorcyclists who vape take a break from riding to safely partake of nicotine.