Security Accessories

Thieves And Accessories

It is tempting for bike owners to purchase a large number of accessories. However, this could potentially cause a significant issue. If a thief is able to see that the vehicle contains many added features then they will be aware of how expensive it is.

This in turn will make it more appealing for them to steal. Therefore bikers should ensure that their bike is not left exposed out in the open. If the person lives in a high risk area the they should keep the bike concealed so that no one can see how high a value it may have.

The different accessories that can make a bike the target for thieves can include:

  • Customised Windscreen

Some companies offer bikers the chance to have their windscreen decorated with the image or text of their choice. This is popular because it gives the vehicle its own individuality. This accessory is most commonly seen in bikes that are part of the touring class, for instance, choppers.

If a bike with a customised windscreen is stolen there is a positive aspect to consider. It allows the bike to be more easily recognisable on the road. This increases the chances of it being recovered by the authorities.

  • Sidecar

Sidecars are useful because they allow an extra passenger to travel along with the bike. They usually have one wheel and can be attached to one side of the vehicle. When someone rides in a sidecar they are unable to control the bike.

If a thief steals a motorcycle with a sidecar then they can detach it and sell it on separately. This means that they score two vehicles for the price of one. Unless the sidecar has a distinct look it is unlikely to be recovered once it has been sold on.

  • Tow Hitch

It might seem like a small accessory but it can increase the value of the bike significantly. The tow hitch can be fitted onto the back of the vehicle. This allows it to tow small trailers.

This appeals to thieves who may use the bike to commit further crimes. Therefore it is important to make sure that a bike fitted with a tow hitch is not left alone out in the open.